It wasn’t until I was visiting NY and I was showing the book to a friend when I saw this one… my heart sank… Oh no… what’s done was done… there was no moment to fix it… at least until the next time I print it… I do play a fun game with the people I meet when I sell them a book… I point out all these errors… I must say I think only one person I have shown it to caught it… but they would never have noticed unless I pointed it out to them… one cannot have too many editors. :)

Goat Cheese Apricot

Where's the Cream? add 1 1/2 Cups just before churning 

walnut Cherry Opps

1 1/?

I did it again. The 1 1/ should be 1 1/2! 

Plum Blush Swirl sCream!

My plum tree was finally ripe again when I went to make this recipe  I realized one of the ingredients had a miscalculation of cream.

2 cups of cream should have been 4 cups.

Then I realized wow that is a lot of ice cream. especially if you are making it in a small ice cream maker. Here is the fix - I halved the recipe but then I tinkered with it to simplify one of the steps (removed the blender portion of it and replaced that with stirring the plums in a sieve. I also adjusted the quantities you should should of the juice for the rest of the steps.

Lime Ginger Sorbet

This subtle tweak to the recipe will make it just a bit firmer and less slushy. both versions will taste good but this will churn perfectly up. Use 1 1/2 cups sugar and 2 cups of water. 

Concord Grape Sorbet

Another subtle change. Depending on the sugar content in your grapes you might want to decrease the sugar in the recipe to 1/2 Cup.  The flavor will still be delicious this fix is all about the consistency. 

Chocolate Chipotle sCream!

If you saw 1   1/ Cups… would you instantly think it was 1   1/2, 1/3, 1/4… This is the fix. I didn’t discover it until I was in NY and had a moment to breath and of course I stopped breathing for a moment when I caught it.. oh no!!!… Don’t fret… Ice cream making has a little bit of forgiveness. the worst thing that can happen is that it won’t be as creamy or solid as a rock.

The correction should ready 1   1/2 Cups.

Vanilla Mandarin Orange Fudge Swirl

Originally the mistake was just under the handle it ready “dissolve sugar”… when it should have read “warm milk” it had me wondering at first did I forget to add the sugar… luckily the ingredients are correct.

Key Lime Pie/Blueberry Mascarpone Cheesecake Graham Cracker fix!

I got an urgent message from a Chrissy who I met at the Gilmore girls Fan Fest. Whats the paint brush doing??? its brushing a milk glaze onto the graham crackers… while this wont really effect your ice cream. my heart did sink that another mistake was found. Thanks Chrissy

Chocolate Ginger-Fudge Swirl sCream!

Where is the cream??? this is one ingredient you don't want to forget. if you do... it won't churn up. this recipe will be a cold slurpy mess as there is too much sugar and not enough fat to counter it. Please add it at the end and always remember to check back to this page for any updates to other recipes.